Defense in Litigations

We operate in defending litigations of companies and individuals before the Supreme Courts; Regional Courts; Courts of Justice and remaining Judicial or Administrative Bodies and Spheres as well as before Arbitral Chambers.

More About Us

Without losing our focus on available peaceful settlements, we defend our clients’ interests and strengthen at our most the respective positions in potential or ongoing conflict situations. 

We operate in different Law areas and aim to, by means of truly outstanding dedication focused on the unique interests and goals of each one, take part with an in-depth knowledge of the cases with which we are entrusted as well as of the universe of relevant issues associated with them.

We love our profession and we are thrilled by each accomplishment we share with our clients. We believe such involvement, allied to creativity permanently aimed at seeking the best solutions in each case, has provided us with high success and satisfaction rates.

We also seek, by working ethically, responsibly and with required firmness, to regain and/or keep the best values of Law and human beings, by aligning them to the fast and constant changes in technology and the society, making use of what the first one provides as its best to benefit the second, our clients and our profession.

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  • Renato Napolitano Neto

    Founding Partner

    Enrolled with the Brazilian Bar Association in 1998 and Bachelor in Law by the Law College of Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo in 1997.
    Expertise: Litigations, Consumer Relations and Contracts.
    Languages: Portuguese and English.

Operating Areas

We provide legal counsel in the most varied Law areas.

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